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USC School of Medicine “Flips the Classroom” with Wirecast

Soto Studio is a small production studio located on the University of California (USC)’s Health Sciences Campus in Los Angeles. Over the last few years we have developed a model in distance education. Using Telestream’s Wirecast streaming production software, we produce video-on-demand lectures for USC’s Master of Public Health online program and create engaging and informative instructional content for multiple departments that students can access outside of the classroom. This enables a “flipped classroom” teaching style so that class time can be used to explore topics in greater depth to give students a more meaningful learning experience.

Our goal is to produce videos of our college lectures with the same production standards that viewers have come to expect from a TV newscast. Telestream’s Wirecast makes it easy for us to go beyond just showing static images or PowerPoint slides accompanied by a voiceover. We can now produce videos that feature the professors interacting with slides and other visuals, interviewing guests, and other dynamic presentation formats.

Every week, we produce on average 20 finished hours of HD video lectures and webcasts to support various distance learning, academic, research and public outreach initiatives.

Once produced, the video lectures for the Master of Public Health online program are delivered to the department’s Learning Management System and integrated into each course, while lectures intended for on-campus students are uploaded to a local Media Site server, as well as a Vimeo cloud-based server that enables password-protected access on demand. Other instructional videos are accessible to students on demand via Ustream, YouTube and Vimeo, or are delivered as live webcasts.

Gary San Angel is Distance Education Specialist/Media Technology, Department of Preventive Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine at USC.