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VITEC Encoding Solution Provides Reliable Live Stream from Cuba

Feature Story News (FSN) is an independent broadcast news agency that provides its clients timely and compelling news features and coverage of breaking news worldwide. Recently, FSN delivered live streaming footage of President Barack Obama’s monumental visit to Cuba.

FSN required a solution that would deliver a robust HD broadcast signal from locations with extremely limited bandwidth. FSN needed a point-to-point video streaming system that would reduce the bandwidth requirements of existing H.264 solutions while continuing to reliably deliver broadcast-quality content. It also required portability in the field, allowing for seamless and error-free newsgathering and transmission of the footage in Cuba to the FSN headquarters in Washington, D.C., for worldwide distribution.

After evaluating other solutions, FSN determined VITEC’S MGW Ace encoder and MGW D265 decoder offered the best-in-class features for its news team.

With the VITEC solution, FSN’s news team was able to make history from Cuba, transmitting the first-ever HD broadcast signals from the island over the public internet. Two live paths from Havana fed material to FSN’s headquarters and its clients worldwide. With Ace’s H.265 compression and streaming technology, the news agency has a reliable and simple-to-use platform to report and transmit breaking news in the field.

“Using the VITEC solution, our transmission of President Obama’s visit to Cuba was a complete success,” says Simon Marks, president of FSN. “Tropical storms shortly after the president’s arrival in Havana disrupted the transmissions of traditional satellite providers, keeping several global networks off the air. We never experienced a single issue. Our two broadcast paths remained error-free, allowing us to provide continuous coverage and flawless video to our global clients.”