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This Unsettling 360-Degree Experience Takes You Into the World of ‘The Shining’

In case you didn’t think The Shining‘s Overlook Hotel could get any creepier, enter this 360-degree video from Claire Hentschker. The 30-minute video used photogrammetry to extract 3D elements from Kubrick’s original film stills, with the subsequent fragments stitched together and viewed along the original camera path.

That means that there are plenty of holes and dark spaces as you wander around the infamous hotel, an eerie, glitchy journey that works surprisingly well given the subject matter.

“On a purely technical level, Kubrick’s extensive use of the Steadicam and the film’s signature long tracking shots work exceptionally well with photogrammetry,” Hentschker tells mental_floss. “In terms of cultural impact, The Shining is a cult classic, one of the most iterated films of all time. My hope was that people would have a vested interest in experiencing familiar scenes from the film in this new, fragmented way … VR is a fantastic way of looking both forward and backward in time.”

Check it out below.