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Google Spotlight Story’s “Pearl” Is 360-Degree Filmmaking at Its Best

Google Spotlight Story’s “Pearl” is a 5-minuted animated short that beautifully conveys the emotional power of 360-degree video done right.

Directed by Patrick Osborne, the short tells the story of a girl and her father and the memorable adventures they have in their old car.

As Tubefilter notes, “The best way to experience the film, however, is in virtual reality, through Google Cardboard or another similar device. When viewed that way, Pearl takes on a new life, and it shows off the creative capabilities of the 360-degree video format. Osborne, who hauled in an Academy Award for his 2014 short film ‘Feast,’ has dressed up every corner of Pearl’s animated setting with heartfelt details, and users who choose their own visual path through the film are able to deepen the emotional impact they receive from it.”

Check out the 360-degree version below.