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Single RED Camera Captures Simple But Clever 360-Degree Music Video

Thoughtful workflow makes Eran Amir's love for in-camera effects possible.

Director Eran Amir is known for his clever mix of lo-fi for high-concept videos (a black-and-white video that was filmed in color, for example, or a video that looks like it was shot in reverse but wasn’t.)

Now he’s brought his love of practical, in-camera effects to virtual reality. His music video for Mind Enterprises’ “Chapita” features an army of dancer Mimi Jeong performing a beautiful, overlapping sequence. The trick is that Amir shot the whole thing with one RED 6K camera, relying on detailed previs and very careful camera set-ups to achieve the effect.

“From the get-go our main guideline was to keep everything as ‘real’ as possible,” Amir tells The Creators Project. “This influenced every aspect of the project—styling, wardrobe, props, even post-production and editing. Although the final cut is composed out of hundreds of separate clips—it had to feel like it was shot in one take. We agreed on what we were allowed to do, and what we weren’t. We developed a bespoke workflow, perfectly designed for the concept and content of the video. This workflow, developed by technical director Elliott Kajdan, allowed us to have the enormous advantage of working with RED camera footage, without the steep budgets usually associated with shooting 360° video.”

Watch the finished video and a behind-the-scenes look below.