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‘Ready Player One’ Author Ernest Cline Talks the Future of VR

Bestselling author Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One imagined a near-future world where everyone spent almost all of their time in virtual reality. Now that that future looks very likely to be plucked from the pages of fiction, [a]listdaily talks to the prescient writer about his take on where VR is headed. 

Says Cline, “From what I’ve seen, virtual reality and shutting out the real world entirely in service of the whole other reality that’s created inside is more compelling and more immersive [than AR], but also has this impulse to not want to be around other people while you’re doing it because you know you look silly. It’s hard to look cool wearing VR goggles because nobody sees what you see. Whereas with augmented reality, everybody who had the glasses could see what you could see.”