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Discovery VR Head Says Biggest Challenge Is Creating Exceptional Content in Volume

Having already produced 70 piece of VR content in just 8 months, Discovery’s dedicated virtual reality site, Discovery VR, has a clear, focused strategy in place. [A]listdaily speaks to Suzanne Kolb, Discovery Digital Networks’ EVP and general manager, about their approach.

“The biggest challenge, like all programming, is to tell the best stories and create exceptional experiences,” says Kolb. “In this case, you want to make sure the technology is genuinely amplifying that story and experience. The next challenge is getting the word out. The technology’s rapid rise in popularity is a direct result of its broad appeal. That being said, it’s still a new technology, so simply educating consumers about what it is and how to use it is a challenge all content creators have to address. We believe the only real way to convert the consumer is through exceptional content that clearly benefits from being told in a VR form. The next step is having a volume of that content so you become reliable to your audience. With over 70 short-form videos on Discovery VR to date, we’re definitely getting there.”