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H&M Will Sponsor Interactive Video Tent at Coachella

For the seventh year in a row, H&M will be sponsoring the Coachella Festival and will be creating an installation tent that invites festival-goers to create and share interactive videos.

As Fashion Times explains, “‘Reborn’ will be housed in a 40 x 80 ft. tent and will have many experiences throughout the guest’s journey. One section of the activation will include an interactive and digital photo booth. Festival squads will enter a room with a 360 ̊ desert scene and green screen backdrop where they will interact with lighting, video content, live processing and wind movement in multiple video settings to create a shareable video experience. The squads will film three five second experiences that transition into changing landscapes of desert, sand storms and imagery of a long journey that bends time to morph into a reincarnated form. The footage will be combined and compressed into a 15-second video of their journey.”