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University of Dallas Webcasts Sports with Matrox Monarch HD

The University of Dallas athletics program boasts 14 teams affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Recently, the university added a Matrox Monarch HD encoder to their video production setup and partnered with College TV Ticket, a webcasting service for NCAA sports, to live stream games.

The athletics department decided on the Matrox Monarch HD H.264 encoder for its ability to stream and record simultaneously and for its affordable price point. Monarch HD is now used to stream to College TV Ticket and simultaneously record video files locally on an SD card as backup and for coaches to access for training purposes. Matrox Monarch HD gives the option of recording high-quality H.264 video files in MP4 or MOV format, which offers maximum versatility for use in any content creation application, without transcoding. The backup recording could also be used in the case of a stream interruption due to network issues.

For the University of Dallas athletics program, adding Monarch HD to the workflow has been a huge step towards upgrading its video production setup. According to Nathan Yacovissi, sports information manager at the University of Dallas, Monarch HD has aided immensely with reliability and by simplifying setup and operations, which is especially important because college students are often the operators during the games.

Coaches are also pleased because they now have easy access to the games to review for training purposes. It has even become common practice for coaches from opposing teams to request a game exchange. With Monarch HD, digital files are immediately available post-game, so a copy can easily be made before they even leave the venue.