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ImmediaTV Encoders Used at Aldea Solutions

Aldea Solutions has been a leading provider of services and solutions for the television, film and media industries since its inception in 2000. Aldea offers fully managed transmission services using its fiber and partner teleport facilities. Services include full time and occasional use services, video as file, HD encoding and other production and transmission services a customer may require. Aldea’s services are used by major broadcasters and media companies around the world for the transmission of sports, news and television programming.

Aldea has adopted the ImmediaTV encoders for its Occasional Use (OU) network, a private network with more than 90 points of presence across the Americas and Europe supporting special events such as FIFA, Copa America, the Pan American Games, and the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Brazil.

“We appreciate ImmediaTV for their best-in-class products, the product reliability, responsiveness of their support, high density and quality of encoding. Aldea uses the openGear-based products capable of up to 20 independent encoders per 2 RU chassis. The encoders are fully integrated into our NMS [Network Management System], which provides service scheduling in addition to the regular monitoring and alarm reporting,” says Jean Lamarche, principal engineer and responsible for network engineering and strategic marketing.

ImmediaTV provides cost-effective video solutions for the professional broadcast, IPTV, enterprise and web-based markets. ImmediaTV develops SD and HD H.264 encoders, multi-standard professional decoders, ASI/IP gateways, MPEG-2/H.264 transcoders and, coming soon, a new HEVC encoder.