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Fly Over a Foreign Planet in This VR Music Video

Mate Steinforth directs an intergalactic virtual reality experience for Moderat’s music video for “Reminder.” 

Road to VR explains, “The VR music video itself is best for experienced users, because it takes you on quite a flight through the underground setting. Swooshing around corners and over obstacles can be nauseating for first-timers, and is generally ill-advised in any first-person experience. This however was a short trip, and no longer than your average roller coaster demo—and much better produced to say the least… Using your head like an in-game camera is liable to make a person sick—however we can’t help but admire the smooth work done in Moderat: Reminder VR music video, and are willing to forgive them the roller coaster ride for something that is just so damn cool.”

Watch the 2D version of “Reminder” below.