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This VR Music Video Takes You Into a Polygonal Dreamscape

Ronen Tanchum’s stylish polygonal music video for Young Yosef’s “When We Land” uses the song’s sounds to create the relaxing, gentle virtual reality world filled with triangulated waves, jumping salmon and more.

“Virtual reality gave me the power to place the viewer right into a stylized, polygonal yet very organic world, placing the them in the heart of a powerful and rich experience,” Tanchum tells The Creators Project. “Letting the viewer feel immersed in a dream while fully awake with the music and the world of color and shapes reacting to it. VR was the ideal platform to let people feel this for a few minutes, breaking the wall between linear storytelling, becoming instead something more like a place where you can go and visit and most of all experience.”

The experience is available to view here with an Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, or on YouTube 360.