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This 360-Degree Stunt Gives Unsuspecting Folks the Hollywood Experience

This just might be the most meta 360-degree stunt every pulled. Lexus Europe lured a few unsuspecting folks to an abandoned underground bank vault to experience the virtual reality launch of their new 2016 Lexus RX. But while they had their headsets on, the crew continued filming in order to create the 6-minute video hosted by Jude Law.

After the VR experience was over, the participants were then let in on the filming and whisked away to the premiere to meet Law.

“The 360-degree video provides a glimpse behind the scenes of what was an epic 14 scene production,” says Law to The Drum. “In immersive theatre, the audience is often left wondering how everything came together and this video lifts the lid on some of that. We worked with a very talented team to create the experience and hope everyone who watches this video has as much fun navigating their way around it as we did putting it on.” 

Watch it below.