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Chuck Jones Inspires Google Spotlight Stories’ Latest 360-Degree Animation

Google Spotlight Stories has released its latest 360-degree interactive video. On Ice combines 2D and 3D animation to tell a fun, humorous story based heavily on the look and style of Chuck Jones (Looney Tunes). Directed by Shannon Tindle, it was released yesterday for YouTube on Android and will soon appear on the Google Spotlight Stories app on both iOS and Android. 

“Not only was it the right aesthetic choice, the Chuck Jones highly economical style helped us get a lot of work done in a short amount of time,” supervising animator Mark Oftedal tells Indiewire. “Jones would hold his poses still for a long beats, rather than trying to keep it constantly moving and breathing as you would see in a Disney feature. It was definitely a shift in the style we were used to, because all of our animators were coming from the world of features. There a normal footage quota is 3 or 4 seconds a week. For On Ice, we had to double or triple that output.”