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Understanding the 360-Degree Workflow speaks to Tim Dashwood, creator of Stereo3D Toolbox, Editor Essentials and more, about the emerging workflow for 360-degree videos from capture, to ingestion, to editing.

“There are a few different workflows for managing 360° video projects. The one I like best for large projects is to first ingest all the footage from the camera arrays into the NLE system and organize them using standard multi-cam NLE functions like those in Avid, Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro X,” says Dashwood. “This way content can be pre-selected, even loosely edited, and then consolidated before being sent off for “selects” stitching. This can save a lot of time in post because rendering stitched footage is so processor intensive and there is no point in wasting time stitching all of your dailies. Luckily there are self-contained professional 360 cameras just around the corner that will make the manual stitching process unnecessary, and therefore let us go directly to the ingest and edit.”