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Why Amazon’s ‘The New Yorker Presents’ Eschews a Binge-Watching Schedule

Amazon’s The New YorkerPresents is a new type of show, one that takes the essence of the venerable magazine and brings something new to it through the power of the visual medium. Available on Amazon Prime’s video service, the show–unlike most SVOD shows–is not available all at once, but drops a new episode twice a week.

“That’s Amazon’s call, an unusual one and an interesting one that’s getting some attention, which is not why I think they did it,” showrunner Kahane Cooperman tells WheretoWatch. “I think they did it, first off, [as] a nod to the magazine. That magazine comes out once a week, and for those who read it, you look forward to receiving it, you wonder what’s gonna be inside of it, what stories it’s gonna be that week, so there’s kind of an anticipatory feeling that’s associated with The New Yorker. So that’s one part of it…I [also] think Amazon was thinking this isn’t episodic. You’re not following one storyline all the way through. There’s not a cliffhanger at the end of every episode, so they could play around with it a little bit.”