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ESPN Develops Mobile-First Strategy

With the threat of cord cutters constantly looming, ESPN realizes that it can’t just rely on traditional cable subscription fees anymore. With a new mandate to create smartphone-first content, the sports network recently appointed Chad Millman as its vice president and editorial director for domestic digital content.

“Mobile is everything. We always have to be thinking about mobile first. If we’re thinking about anything else, we’re failing the audience. That’s one of our biggest challenges,” Millman tells Nieman Lab. “We also create stuff specifically for mobile devices. We’re creating for the platform or device that we most expect people to see it on and not thinking that we have to create something that looks like it belongs on television. Can you understand the story with the sound off? How long should it be? When are people dropping out of videos? All of that stuff makes us rethink how we might have produced something even two or three years ago.”