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Virtual Reality Will Change the Future of Live Events

Coach’s New York Fashion Week runway show was available to stream in virtual reality with just an app and a Google Cardboard headset. The resulting experience, according to PSFK’s Melanie Ehrenkranz, was a strong indicator of VR’s place in the world of both fashion and live-streaming events.

She writes, “As with NYFW and many other highly coveted experiences, the insane cost of tickets or limited number of invites make these types of events inaccessible for the masses, but with VR experiences being virtually free, I imagine we will begin to see this trend become as common as the share of a livestream link. Instead of Google searches for ‘Where can I find a livestream for this event?’, we may begin to see more people searching for ‘Where can I download the app to stream in 360-degree video?’ The future of ‘live’ experiences is about to change in a huge way.”