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NYU Research Program Looks at the Future of VR “When It’s Boring”

Students at New York University’s computer science department are looking beyond the immediate future of virtual reality, to the possibilities of a world where VR would be ubiquitous. Their project, Holojam, simulates what it might be like when people are able to regularly interact with one another in virtual reality.

Ken Perlin, principal investigator of Holojam, tells Motherboard, “Holojam is a set of practical experiments to prototype a future that does not yet exist. Suppose it’s ten or twenty years in the future, and the sort of technology that Vernor Vinge describes in his novel Rainbow’s End is a reality. People in the morning can pop in their contact lenses and see whatever they want. What happens between people? We’re interested, not about when it’s cutting edge and exciting, but when it’s boring.”