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Will YouTube Red Be a Netflix for Generation Z?

YouTube Red’s launch of four original programs tomorrow cements its goal to take on Netflix, with the added benefit of having built-in audiences for its popular creators.

Writes ION, “The most interesting thing about the YouTube Red lineup is how similar it is to one you’d see from traditional movie and TV studios, with the added Netflix appeal to drop whole seasons of a show at once. Lilly Singh’s tour film is very much like recent projects from Justin Bieber and Katy Perry. Dance Camp resembles Disney channel offerings like High School Musical. The only difference is the casting of YouTubers that have forged strong connections with their built-in audiences and know how to help market their content. As Heard Well co-founder Andrew Grahamrecently noted to ION, social media creators are ‘the whole package’, ‘They are content creators who produced, marketed and distributed work that connected with huge audiences.'”