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Google Reportedly Developing New VR Headset

With the success of its entry-level Cardboard virtual reality headset, Google is reported to be working on a more sophisticated successor.

Writes [a]listdaily, “ reports that Google currently has a new virtual reality headset in the works, set to operate with a number of Android-compliant smartphones. According to the report, the evolution to the Cardboard model will feature better sensors and lenses, along with a better casing for more convenient wear. It’s said to have a lot in common with the Gear VR, and considering its accessibility to the VR market, it should be fairly easy to adapt to. Google is also rumored to be preparing new Android VR technology that works specifically with it, and device the design will still allow users to conveniently slide their mobile phone device into it for use, rather than having to make adjustments for a pre-set display.”