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Facebook Will Launch Live-Streaming for iOS

A month after testing out live-streaming capabilities, Facebook is rolling the feature out for iPhones. Users will now be able to easily live-stream video directly from their feeds and choose who can see the video. Friends and followers can comment while the video streams and when the live-stream is over, it will be saved to users’ timelines.

Writes MIT Technology Review’s Rachel Metz, “Facebook’s decision to enable live streaming for iPhone users (and, presumably, eventually those on Android as well) makes a ton of sense. We’re watching more video than ever on the Internet: a report last year from Cisco predicted videos will make up 80 percent of consumer Internet traffic by 2019, compared with 64 percent in 2014. And plenty of this video-watching is happening on our smartphones, as data gathered by market researcher eMarketer indicates adults in the U.S. watched 26 minutes per day, on average, on their smartphones last year (this is expected to tick up to 29 minutes this year).”