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88% of Millennials Use Second Screen While Watching TV

A new study from the Consumer Technology Association has found that 50% of Americans use second screens while watching TV with a whopping 88% of millennials doing so.

Writes Consumerist‘s Chris Morran, “As you’d probably expect, a lot of people (43%) are simultaneously watching TV or streaming video and going on social media. This is why you increasingly see TV programming, especially reality shows and live competitions, trying to encourage viewers to use show-related hashtags or engage in discussions about a topic on Facebook. They know you’re already on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook while you’re watching, so they hope they can convince you to do some free promotion for them. And it’s the millennials (people currently between the ages 18 and 34) that these social media engagement efforts are hoping to cash in on, since 71% of them are using social media while also watching video content.”