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Felix & Paul Remain Committed to Bringing Reality to Virtual Reality

Virtual reality pioneers Felix Lajeunesse and Paul Raphael, who are currently at Sundance with two new documentary pieces, talk to The Verge about their specific brand of VR, which focuses more on a high-quality visual experience than an interactive gamified one.

“I think the point is, we’re still very much attached to the power of creating an experience that looks real, because I think that really unleashes a special kind of emotional reaction in the viewer,” says Lajeunesse. “Because from the day you’re born, you live in physical reality. You’re used to physical reality and the presence of people. And I think our bodies react, and our minds react, so strongly to reality. It’s through real life experience you will have your most profound, I would say most powerful emotional experiences. I think there’s something about reality that is inherently powerful, and that we can sort of bring into this art form, and we’re very fascinated by that.”