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How Periscope Will Influence This Year’s Elections

After launching and making a big splash in the early part of 2015, live-streaming app Periscope is only looking to further expand this year, according to CEO Kayvan Beykpour. 

Beykpour spoke to Adweek about his company’s plans for the year as well as how he believes the app will play into the upcoming presidential elections. “Historically, we’ve all interacted with political candidates in a very similar way,” he says. “We see them on TV, we read about them in the papers, we get these very crafted experiences that have been used for decades. What’s unique [about Periscope] is that you can engage with these folks in some real way on the car ride to their next event, or behind the scenes at their office as their staff is furiously preparing for the next debate. It’s one thing to see Donald Trump live on TV—it’s different to see him getting ready in the morning.”