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Susan Sarandon Hosts 360-Degree Film About Refugee Crisis

There might be no better way to try and understand the plight of the Syrian refugees than through virtual reality or a 360-degree film. Produced by RYOT and The Huffington Post and hosted by Susan Sarandon, The Crossing is a first-person look at the scores of refugees arriving on the Greek island of Lesbos daily. 

Writes Sarandon, “I urge you please to take a few moments to listen, learn and talk about this crisis. Talk not about the war in Syria, or about terrorists — but about what it would feel like if you and your family had to flee your home with only the clothes on your back. Imagine scraping together every penny your family can find, hiring people to smuggle you through treacherous border crossings, all to make this dangerous escape.”

The project will be accompanied by further 360-degree videos, Snapchat stories and Instagram photos. Watch the first installment below.