Google's Year in Search Presentation Will Keep You Clicking

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Google's annual Year in Search goes deeper than ever before, breaking down the most searched for topics by region, wording of queries, timing and more to create an attractive and very clickable graphic.

The search engine behemoth found that the Paris attacks in January and in November generated the most searches. In Europe, the queries about what had happened started pouring in a minute after the attacks, about an hour before traditional news services had gotten a hold of it.

"In Paris, people started asking questions about a minute later. In Berlin, it was a few minutes after that. London after that. And you can see the different questions people were asking, and how it spread around the world," says Google News Lab data editor Simon Rogers to Wired. "There wasn’t actually a story in the mainstream media for about an hour. This is in the hour before a story is covered by international news media—people are searching for it to figure out what’s going on."