NewTek Empowers the Work-at-Home Weatherman

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Geoff Fox is a veteran TV meteorologist with seven local Emmy Awards and more than 30 years of experience delivering the daily weather forecast at stations across the United States. Fox is a pioneer who has transformed his garage into a studio from which he delivers his weather report to KMIR in Palm Springs, Calif., within 0.8 seconds of live. His garage is 100 miles away in Irvine.

Wondering how he does it? At the hub of his production sits a fully integrated turnkey production system from NewTek: the TriCaster Mini. With the setup in his home studio—which includes the TriCaster Mini, Blackmagic Studio Camera and Prompter People teleprompter mounted on a stationary Libec RT30B tripod, four Fovitec StudioPRO 60W LED panels, and a Dejero LIVE+ VSET encoder/transmitter—Fox can report the weather for literally any place in the world and deliver it with so little lag that on-air chatting with the news anchors is seamless.

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The TriCaster ingests the camera feed of Fox reporting the weather in front of his green wall, which was painted with Behr Sparkling Apple paint from Home Depot. His maps are produced at the TV station and instantly transferred over FTP to a small server. He programs his daily sequences using the macro feature built into TriCaster, giving him ample opportunity to run through the show before it’s “go” time.

TriCaster Mini enables Fox to wear all the hats: technical director, cameraman, lighting, sound guy, on-air talent—you name it.