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Inside Syfy’s ‘The Expanse’ Virtual Reality App

Syfy’s new space opera The Expanse, set 200 years into the future in a world where mankind has colonized the solar system, was a natural and perfect fit for virtual reality–especially given its space setting and beautifully rendered spaceships. Syfy tapped VR platform company IM360 and visual effects company Digital Domain to deliver the experience.

“Part of the whole joint venture for IM360, we’re very strong believers in combining the visual-effects world with the live-action world, so that’s why Digital Domain is such a great partner,” Andrew McGovern, IM360’s VP of media and entertainment, told Tech Times. “They’re renowned for their work in the digital effects industry and we can tap into their expertise—and blending it with live-action virtual reality really creates an awesome experience. We think going forward a lot of content will reflect that and it will provide much better storytelling, much better immersion for viewers.”