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Sony MCS-8M Switcher Vital at Church of the Highlands

Church of the Highlands in Birmingham, Ala., has grown since its founding in 2001 to host more than 30,000 members at 11 campuses across the state. Our church recently completed an extensive, high-tech upgrade of our broadcast and A/V equipment, adding Sony’s MCS-8M switcher, in addition to other technologies.

Sony’s compact multiformat switcher is essential for a church with multiple campuses, which requires weekly setup and teardown of equipment. The MCS-8M allows us to manage all of our audio and video in one switcher, which has led to a much more efficient workflow. The switchers have assignable aux outputs for the audio, so we can easily route different sources and monitor in headphones. This amounts to fewer pieces of gear and makes transitions go more smoothly.

We needed a product that was easy to understand and to use, since we often rely on the assistance of volunteers in our broadcasts. With the MCS-8M, you hit one button or push one fader and the audio and video change at the same time. Keeping things simple and efficient is very important, especially because our volunteers don’t live in a production world. The MCS-8M is the heart of a simple system that we can replicate easily across campuses. That’s one of the benefits of Sony’s smaller switchers: they are very easy to use, there aren’t many buttons and they are not overly complicated to set up or use, so volunteers are able to jump right in.

Justin Firesheets is production manager at Church of the Highlands.