JASH Produces (Cost-Effective) Comedy Content

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An alternative comedy web network, JASH.com operates from a Culver City, Calif., studio. Configured with three adjacent physical sets, the studio uses four Sony NEX-FS100 cameras with Metabones Canon EF lens adapters and Canon lenses mounted on tripods and rolled from one set to the other as needed for production. The cameras feed 1080p HD signals into an Atomos deck that converts HDMI to SDI; that SDI signal feeds directly into a NewTek TriCaster 8000’s camera inputs.

Since TriCaster is an integrated HD switcher packed with production tools, it allows the JASH crew—typically five people—to produce a broadcast-quality HD video show. The team uses TriCaster to switch all of the cameras and manage the graphics, audio and other production sources—all from a single user interface.

The switcher handles several tasks at once, including delivery of the live 720p HD program stream directly to YouTube. It also simultaneously records a line cut of the show for subsequent viewing on demand. And lastly, it ISO-records all of the separate camera feeds so that these assets can be archived.

Because of these cost efficiencies, says JASH segment producer Brett Kushner, “JASH can be viable even with just a loyal core audience because our overhead is so much lower than traditional TV production costs. We’re also able to have many different shows in production every week. Ultimately, there’s no limit to our potential.”


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