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What Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter's 2015 Yearbooks Say About Us

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As Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter and more document 2015 through the lens of their own platforms, The Verge's Lizzie Plaugic reflects on what these year-end videos say about us.

"Looking back on all of these reviews, it’s as if 2015 happened several different times in several different ways, making reality not a distinct thing, but a reflection of where on the internet you spent the most time," she writes. "These Platform Yearbooks, like any other yearbook, are collections of the year’s most captivating photos, the most popular people, and the most-talked about events — except now everyone has signed up to be a member of the yearbook club."



Square Box Systems at the 2018 NAB Show New York

In Booth N557 at the 2018 NAB Show New York, Square Box Systems will demonstrate why its flagship CatDV remains on the cutting edge of media asset management (MAM). CatDV brings new levels of collaboration and empowerment to small-, medium-, and large-scale enterprises around the world, enabling them to manage, repurpose, and monetize millions of assets with ease and efficiency.


The Vitec Group Brands and Products on Display at CAPER 2018

In partnership with Sistemas de Video ComunicaciĆ³n, we are pleased to feature a variety of products from across many of our brands that are designed for the professional audiovisual and broadcast industries. The Gemini soft panel, Astra and Sola LEDs, Vantage robotic head, and our all-new flowtech100 tripod will on be on display throughout CAPER 2018. Television producers, DPs, camera operators, lighting professionals, and audiovisual teams can incorporate any of our gear into their existing production workflows to help them capture beautiful images and produce exceptional content.