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NYT VR’s Sam Dolnick: The Key Is Experimentation

The New York Times seems to currently be leading in the very nascent virtual reality field, with their successful launch of the NYT VR app last month. Realscreen talks to Sam Dolnick, who is part of the newspaper’s VR team, about what they are learning and how they are evolving as they put forth more VR content.

“The key is to experiment,” Dolnick says. “This is an incredibly exciting moment, it’s not often when there’s a brand new field that opens up with no rules, no precedents. Anybody working in the space is helping to shape it, and that’s really unusual and exciting, so I would encourage anyone to just experiment with this and try telling stories in new ways.

“And paired with that is the second piece: transparency,” he continues. “To really be open with how you make these work. What works? What does work? What are you comfortable with, what are you not comfortable with? There are all kinds of issues that working in VR raises and I think we’ll all be better if we’re grappling with those head on.”