YouTube Celebrates Top Moments of 2015

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YouTube has released this year's YouTube Rewind, their annual video which brings together the biggest music, trends, memes, and characters from the past twelve months featuring today’s biggest YouTube stars and mainstream personalities.

In 2015, you introduced the world to the latest dance crazes, opened up discussions about diversity and inclusion, and lip-synced in cars and onstage in front of millions. The trends you participated in and the creativity you shared defined the year on YouTube in a bigger way than ever before.

The theme of this year’s YouTube Rewind 2015 video is “Rewind Replay” where more than 150 YouTube creators from all over the world got together to relive not just the best moments of 2015, but also some of the most memorable viral clips from YouTube history in honor of YouTube’s 10th birthday year.

The 2015 YouTube Rewind video was shot in over 18 countries and features over 150 YouTube creators, including Bethany Mota, BuzzFeed Try Guys, Casey Niestat, Dan+Phil, Glozell, Grace Helbig, HolaSoyGerman, Jenna Marbles, Lilly Singh, Markiplier, PewdiePie, PrankvsPrank, Smosh, Swoozie, The Syndicate Project, Todrick Hall, Tyler Oakley and Zoella.

Late night talk show hosts James Corden and John Oliver, music artists T-Pain and Omi, model Karlie Kloss and viral stars Karate Girl Jesse, Heaven King, Rebecca Black, Judson Laipply (from Evolution of Dance), YosemiteBear (from Double Rainbow), Dean Smith (from Marriage Proposal) and Johanna Cole (channeling Aretha Franklin), among others, also make appearances in the video.

Additionally, the 2015 YouTube Rewind video features over 35 embedded references to 2015 highlight moments, including Five Nights at Freddy's, Ball Pit Prank, Pizza Rat and many, many more.

YouTube also released the top trending and top music videos for 2015 on YouTube today from a 5-year-old who danced her way to Internet fame to a music video that hopes to “see you again."

Finally, YouTube has launched a new Trending Tab which offers a new way to watch the videos people are watching, discussing and sharing each and every day in real-time.