'Walking Dead' Producer Dips His Toes into VR with Original Mystery Series

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Samsung's first original series for its Gear VR headset is the 11-part mystery series Gone, which premiered on December 8th. The episodic thriller asks its viewers to piece together the truth behind the disappearance of a young girl.

The series comes from The Walking Dead executive producer David Alpert who purposely chose to create an original series with his first foray into VR rather than delve into creating an ancillary product to his famed zombie show. "In the beginning when TV came out, people started just by putting radio on TV," Alpert tells AP via ABC News. "Then, when the Internet came, people said, 'Let's put TV on the Internet.' It takes a while to find that native medium. I don't think the best thing to do is to take an established brand and just plop it in VR."