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Star Wars Launches VR Adventure

In what is surely a fantasy come true for many a fan, virtual reality is now making it possible to star in your very own Star Wars adventure. Lucasfilms’ ILMxLAB has released “Jakku Spy” in collaboration with Google and Verizon. Verizon customers can drop by Verizon stores to pick up a free branded pair of Star Wars Google Cardboard viewers to use for the experience which will see users playing as a Resistance secret agent on the desert world, Jakku. New episodes will be released every few days.

“When we pitched this idea, it was really about, ‘Can we not only tell people a story that’s legitimately connected to the film, but can we also make them feel like they’re in Star Wars?’” says Rob Bredow, Lucasfilms head of New Media/VR.