A VR Filmmaker Shares Her Experience

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Filmmaker Jessica Brillhart, who is currently working in Google's VR division, talks to StreamDaily about her lessons learned as she created the VR film World Tour.

"I learned a considerable amount. You start building it out in your head as you film, because at the time there’s no viewfinder – you can’t see what you’re filming. So all you can really do is trust in your experiences," she says. "Then you start to actually wonder: the more locations you go to, you actually stand in a place and you look around and you start to understand if it’s going to work or not. It’s an intense feeling because you also, in a lot of ways, don’t know if you’re right. I can’t see this experience in a headset; I don’t know what’s happening right now, or if that’s going to resonate. Over time, I felt I started to learn what would resonate the most, and editing was another part of that process. The more I started working through it, I realized all of it is very mental and involves our brains and minds in a really fundamental level."