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Can Virtual Reality Preserve Historical Artifacts?

The Economist gathers a panel of experts to talk about the genesis of Project Mosul, which seeks to virtually recreate ancient artifacts and sites that have been recently destroyed by ISIS, such as Iraq’s Mosul Museum.

“The whole thing that’s happening with VR now is very reminiscent of the early days of the web,” says Economist deputy editor Tom Standage. “And some of the first things that were put on the web were art galleries. They could put their pictures on the web and you could go on these virtual tours. It was a way of accessing things you couldn’t previously access. So it’s very reminiscent of that at the moment. The technology we have now for VR is sort of primitive but promising, just as the web was before. And it does allow more people to experience the greater works of art and the great treasures of the past than people could be done.”

Listen below.