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Art and Science Collide in Social Piece for Climate Change

360-degree projection makes a case for climate change in Re-génération, a new art/science piece from the Society for Art and Technology (SAT), the NAD School of Digital Arts, and director Yan Breuleux. The piece will premiere at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference in December.

“The project was inspired by inspiration itself—literally the breathing of Earth within its respiratory (carbon) cycle,” says project creator David McConville to The Creators Project. “We set out to explore how perspectives on climate change could shift if we experience ourselves as part of planetary breathing cycles. In addition to the breathing out (or ‘expiration’) of CO2 emissions, the piece draws attention to the breathing in (‘inspiration’) within soils, forests, and oceans. Understanding how to synchronize with these cycles through regenerative design is essential for stabilizing Earth’s climate.”