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Understanding Non-Linear Storytelling in a Virtual Reality World

In the below video from The Drum’s What Is Creativity? interview series, Framestore co-founder Mike McGee talking about storytelling in a multi-platform world and how the VFX house is learning as they go about virtual reality best practices.

 “What we’re finding in virtual reality is that it’s a new way of telling stories. When you’re in the virtual world, you are the camera. You are the center of the story. And you don’t tell a linear story in the same way,” says McGee. “What we’re finding is you give people choices. You give them multiple endings. You give them a way that they can steer themselves through the experience. We’re also looking at physical things that go with the experience. So it’s not enough just to create a visual experience. You want to create literally a virtual experience, which means tricking all of your senses.”