Broadway's 'The Lion King' Comes to VR

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Can't get to Broadway to see The Lion King? Now the opening number of the famed Disney musical is available to view via a unique, immersive 360-degree experience.

Using carefully thought-out angles and cuts, the 5-minute video allows viewers to see the intricacy of the costumes and choreography in ways that would otherwise be impossible without being a cast member.

Director Craig Gilbert tells Wired, "To me, this is an ambitious piece, a one-of-a-kind piece. Not just because it’s the first time we’re doing a Broadway show, but I think in terms of the language of storytelling in virtual reality, it’s really sort of pushing the limits… We wanted to shy away from just putting a camera in the middle and letting it roll. Following the action of the song, which is already such a dynamic and vibrant piece of music, and the absolutely legendary choreography, gave us a really broad canvas to work with.”

The 360-degree video is available to wach below, or via Google Cardboard or a Samsung Gear VR headset.