Will Virtual Reality One Day Be More Ubiquitous Than Smartphones?

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The Atlantic's Max Levy reports on the virtual reality industry's current status at the precipice of mainstream adoption.

He writes, "That kind of you don’t get it certainty can breed a certain here we go again reaction in our age of The Next Big Thing, especially since we already watched an earlier round of virtual-reality hype rise and fall as recently as the ‘90s. But today’s virtual reality is unlike anything that’s come before it. It allows you to walk into Van Gogh’s The Night Café in one moment and follow Bill Clinton into a Kenyan classroom in the next. In AltspaceVR, you can actually make eye contact with a friend halfway around the world. And with Oculus’s controllers for each of your hands—and this is really where it becomes impossible to believe until you try it—you forget about your physical separations as you swat a ping-pong ball back and forth across the virtual table."