Drone Racing Just May Be the Perfect Thing to Experience in VR

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As the Drone Racing League (DRL) prepares to make a splash in 2016, the new sport dovetails nicely with the projected mainstream adoption of virtual reality. And it just may be the perfect type of event to experience on the immersive platform.

“It’s really visual, it’s really immersive, it’s engaging and fast,” says DRL CEO Nick Horbaczewski to Wired. “It has all the heritage of racing, but it’s in three dimensions. Whenever I talk about drone racing, people mention the pod-racing scene in Star Wars. Or the speeder bikes on Endor. And most of that was CGI, so we have to bridge the reality of racing with peoples’ sci-fi movie expectations. And I think we can do that. That’s what we’re working on with our content … Flying robots with cameras on them. It’s pretty cool.”