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NYT VR App Points Out the Kinks in Virtual Reality Consumption

NYT VR launched last week with two acclaimed virtual reality films, one of which places viewers in the shoes of three child refugees. Though lauded for its immersive, sensitive portrayal, viewing the film does have its drawbacks: namely motion sickness.

As MIT Technology Review‘s Tom Simonite writes, “Those scenes might have been less biologically troubling had I been using higher quality virtual reality hardware. The Oculus Rift headset  launching next year is better at minimizing the lag between the motion of a virtual world and that of your head, which is one cause of motion sickness. But badly chosen or design content can make you sick, too. Filmmakers have much to learn about what kind of footage they can get away with. I’d say that at 11 minutes the New York Times documentary is slightly too long for the current state of mobile virtual reality technology and the art of immersive 3-D filmmaking.”