Without Touch, a True Virtual Reality Experience Is Still Decades Away

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Though a form of virtual reality is certainly poised to go mainstream, The Verge's Adi Robertson opines on one crucial technology that will be missing and probably for a long time--the sense of touch.

He writes, "A surprising amount of VR rhetoric elides the huge problem that is touch, treating it like a nice extra feature instead of a key to the whole experience. It's implicit when anyone suggests that VR sporting events or vacations could be close enough to give people a decent facsimile of the real thing, or in anything that pitches itself as a 'Matrix' or 'Holodeck.' I always get a little wistful trying these things, because I truly want a Matrix and a Holodeck to exist. I want to be in a reality-bending martial arts fight or on the streets of Victorian London. I just can't quite pretend that I'm doing it with my eyes and ears alone."