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MPC Puts 'Goosebumps' Viewers in the Driver's Seat with VR Experience

The Goosebumps VR Adventure enabled moviegoers to put themselves inside an action‐packed scene from the movie.
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In celebration of the worldwide release of Goosebumps, post-production house MPC created a virtual reality experience enabling moviegoers to put themselves inside an action‐packed scene from the movie. The Goosebumps VR Adventure was featured in select theaters lobbies across the country.

“VR is an intimate and immersive platform that transports the viewer into the space and story,” said MPC Executive Producer‐VR Tim Dillon. “In this way, our VR experience was perfect for Goosebumps. We place an audience member in the car, riding shotgun with Jack Black playing R.L. Stine, while Jack drives through town with a giant praying mantis chasing him down. The result is a virtual reality adventure attraction.”

The VR experience, directed by film director Rob Letterman, was produced end‐to‐end by MPC’s content production division, MPC Creative; this included everything from live‐action production through VFX and final grade. Motion systems technology company D‐Box provided the mechanical chairs for the VR experience, which move in sync with what the viewer is seeing inside the headset.

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“The car chase scene is a great example of how technique meets the storytelling component of VR,” said Dan Marsh, creative director of MPC Creative, LA. “In the 360-degree 3D VR Adventure, viewers can look around in all directions throughout the film, but they don’t have the control to walk around. Placing the viewer in the car, they can experience the scale of the scene and momentum of the chase. Jack Black, seated inches away from us, acts as a tour guide as the car flees from the monster. The D-Box chair is the icing on the cake, because it situates people in the experience so they really feel the thrill of the chase.”

“VR shoots are a new frontier,” explained MPC Creative, LA, executive producer Mike Wigart. “The execution of the story required a unique creative solution. We were in the fortunate position of being able to utilize our VFX brainpower to test methodologies and techniques ahead of rolling cameras.”



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