Here's How a Tree Set to Your Heartbeat Can Bloom on the Eiffel Tower

The 1heart1tree art project uses project mapping and an innovative app for a unique and socially-conscious experience.
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Artist Naziha Mestaoui's 1heart1tree art project has the potential to see millions of trees blooming on the Eiffel Tower thanks to projection mapping and an innovative idea.

Users are encrouaged to download an app that will take their heartbeat. A unique projected tree will then grow around the famed Paris landmark set to that very beat, along with the user's name, and the user will get a video of this happening. For each user who creates a virtual tree, a real tree will also be planted as part of a reforestation program.

The trees will overtake the Eiffel Tower from November 29th through December 4th.

"The entire 3-D environment will be calculated in real time on a central server receiving all the information from the database fed by the phone application to generate all the trees," says Mestaoui.