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Saschka Unseld Reveals Secrets of VR Storytelling

As creative director of Oculus Story Studio, Saschka Unseld has had about as much experience as anybody experimenting with VR and learning what kind of storytelling does and does not work in that domain. He speaks with Justin Cone for Motiongrapher about what he’s learned, especially from the experiences of the shorts, “Lost” and “Henry”. 

“‘With Henry,’” he says, “‘what we did, we thought, “Okay, let’s try to tell a comedy — typical slapstick kind of animated character comedy.

“The final film turned out to be more sad than funny. If you would cut it as a film, exactly the same thing, you would have a lot of laughs. But in VR, you don’t. If someone falls on their face right next to you, it’s not funny.’”