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Streaming Extreme Sailing

OC Sport Delivers Live, Global Video

Whether you’re a hardcore sailing fan or a wide-eyed newcomer, the Extreme Sailing Series has something that will appeal to you. We show the world’s top teams going head-to-head on high performance catamarans, racing just meters from the spectators on shore.

This year, with events being staged in Singapore, Muscat, Qingdao, Cardiff, Hamburg, St. Petersburg, Istanbul and Sydney, having live video streaming has become an essential requirement for fans who want to keep up with all of the action. Using Telestream Wirecast, we are now able to stream live HD content from each race through our dedicated YouTube channel. To further enhance the visual content, 3D sailing analytics provided by SAP are embedded in the live stream.

At each event, our production team has a multicamera setup on shore and on the water, with cameras capturing every moment of the racing. These feed into a central control room where the TV production takes place. A dedicated streaming operator receives two feeds from the video production crew: one of SAP 3D graphics and another of the live TV production of the race. They use capture cards to bring the feeds into a computer running Wirecast and then stream the event with the graphics to a Wowza cloud server and YouTube.

Wirecast’s ability to stream more than one HD channel to more than one location was absolutely key for us. In some of the countries that we visit, securing sufficient bandwidth can prove difficult. In these situations, Wirecast actively monitors the output. It continually shows us our bandwidth usage and flags when we need to lower the bit rate to improve the performance of our streams and prevent them from dropping out. Wirecast live streaming allows us to showcase our event to a global audience using stunning quality live HD pictures that can be accessed from anywhere via the Internet.

—by Liam Lavers, IT Support Specialist, OC Sport

Highlights – Act 7, Istanbul presented by Yandex