Float Away With Interactive Version of Helios's 'Yume'

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Marina Garcia-Vasquez of The Creators Projectinterviews digital artist Luke Twyman (who goes by the name WhiteVinyl) about his calming, dreamlike interactive work for Helios's album, Yume.  Why does Twyman like to create work that is sparse and exudes feelings of being solitary? 

"'Creating moody or dreamy environments definitely appeals to me,'" the artist says. "'It's always interesting and rewarding to see people have an emotional response to something which is often very simplistic, or with few ingredients. I'm not entirely sure why sparseness in particular appeals to me, but I think it helps create the feeling of a bigger world/universe than simply what you're showing on screen/paper. It presents itself as an existential vibe, both directly looking at the scale of time and where we sit within it.'"